Our mission

At Georgia Tech, we strive for progress and service. Tell Burdell was founded on the idea of progressing and serving Georgia Tech and its students through continuous improvement in student life.

How does it work?

Your requests are sent directly to administrators, and are forwarded to appropriate people who can refine and improve the service in question. Because of the mass volume of requests, we also have teams who ensure you get a response in a timely manner.

Tell Burdell is about empowering students and administration with a different method of communication and accountability that allows us to keep what is good and continue improving. Tell Burdell was initially created by Muhannad Alshihabi, Tanuj Mehashwari, Kyle Woumn, Nathan Dass, and Sana Ajani. Tell Burdell was expanded upon by Prabhav Chawla, and Rachit Kumar, all of whom currently maintain this website.